Focus on development.
Only 4 clicks to create a server and
run your code!

With AppPaaS, you can automatically handle server creation to deployment
without complex settings by simply linking your development code.


Your {Code} becomes a reality quickly.

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The world's easiest

You don't have to worry about complex infrastructure, architecture, or anything else.
We'll give you time to focus on development.

  • Easy Cloud NativeCloud native

    AppPaaS is a platform optimized for cloud-native foundations, specializing in microservices architecture, allowing you to manage your services with greater precision and efficiency.

  • Auto Build, DeployBuild and deploy

    AppPaaS has automated complex configuration, build, and deployment so that your development code can run quickly and continuously with just a few clicks.

  • Developer FriendlyDev-friendly

    The strength of the AppPaaS platform allows you to respond to rapidly changing markets by minimizing operational resources and focusing on development.

  • Serverless Infrastructure
    Learning Zero

    We value your time - let AppPaaS manage and operate your infrastructure, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • AutoSacleScale quickly and easily

    Utilize AppPaaS's AutoScale when you don't know how much your service will be used. You'll be able to provide a reliable service without interruption.

  • Free HTTPS Service domain,
    SSL free support

    The moment you build and deploy your code, a service domain is automatically created, and you can immediately enforce HTTPS to deliver your service in a secure environment.

  • Easy OperationEasy & convenient management

    Instant and intuitive functionality and configuration, including instant "rollback" in case of deployment errors, code "redeployment" when needed, and projects that allow you to see service configurations at a glance.

Support for multiple Frameworks

AppPaaS will continue to update a variety of unique environments and services,
as well as front-end and back-end Frameworks such as Spring, django, and React,
which are popular and used worldwide. If there's an environment you need, let us know!

What's next for AppPaaS?

We don't want to stand still, we want to keep evolving to provide a better experience and features.
The following is part of our overall plan, and we're preparing regular updates.

  • Development

    We're working on features for
    team-based developers in addition
    to individual developers.

  • Enhanced

    We are preparing a variety of security features and reports,
    including network settings and quality control vulnerability diagnostics.

  • Scaled

    We are preparing to diversify
    our deployment approach
    so that we can manage
    with purpose for new versions.

  • Connect domain

    We are preparing to allow TLDs and gTLDs
    to be purchased and connected directly
    to services launched as AppPaaS.

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